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What is this zero-content genre and how it works

Children Books Empire REVIEW : Alessandro Zamboni has released his new publishing course, where he shows you how to create zero-content books for children. This is a super video series, with 14 videos, that help you understand the secrets behind a paper books genre that is selling like crazy.

Consider that every parent on planet Earth would need a minimum of 2 of these books, and even more as the time pass…

Inside this epic course you will discover:

- What is this zero-content genre and how it works.
- 2 types of books to start creating.
- Where to find exactly what you need, for free.
- Where to find the perfect fonts.
- How to outsource your paper book cover.
- The creation phase for the 2 book types
- And much, much more. Children Books Empire REVIEW

This is complete, and it is a new trend that will be with us for the next few years. A real gem you can’t miss, if you want to create your business on Amazon! Go check it out, before the dimesale starts!

the latest Alessandro Zamboni release, his newest “Children’s Books Empire”. After watching all of his 14 videos, I must confess I would have never thought about this niche, and I’m happy to reveal this is easier than what I was thinking about!

The two books he shows you in a step by step way, with all that you need served on a silver platter, gives you a real turnkey solution to start your publishing empire.

Alessandro shows you how to create these books via video, step by step, helping you to understand each required step. I’ve go to confess he’s very good at creating training videos :)

Apart from this, this is an incredible opportunity you can’t really miss. It’s wide open, easy to create and doesn’t require any written text. Don’t skip this, or you will never discover the new niche Alessandro has disclosed for you!

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