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Fast (Direct API calls to Google AI)

Revoicely REVIEW Breakthrough Video Translator that gives you global reach in a few clicks!Discover A Powerful Video Translator Software based on AI which uses UN-style voice-over method To Create Pro-Quality Videos In Any Language or Niche Within Minutes!! Transcribe videos and translate them to multiple languages with 270+different voices& Get easy Traffic, sales and leads!! Revoicely

Target international Audience and multiply your video exposure 10x!
Exclusive multilingual access to DeepMind Google WaveNet voices that provide the most natural-sounding speech.
Higher accuracy and real time with AI based translation and voice-over technology
Reach wider audience with Popular UN Style Voice-over technology
Dominate Google Search, YouTube with your excellent quality translated and subtitled videos!
Dominate competitive niches by reaching millions of foreign speaking and hearing- impaired audiences.
Engage your Audience! Boost your sales and Conversions
Complete Newbie Friendly!
have a mac Catalina 10.15, i asked my good friend Ezzaky for a review copy. First and foremost, the app is well optimized for mac, it's fast smooth and working effeciently on mac.It will definitely help you generate new/translated content to be used in different markets. i.e if a video is trending in spanich landscape, with few push of buttons you can have your own video translated in french or english. thanks to Google AI translation algortihms having unlimited accents and language.
this is a full grade software. nothing to reproach!

Fast (Direct API calls to Google AI)
Unlimited video transcriptions.
Use our Google Cloud Api keys.
Software compatible with Windows and Mac
Create Captions and subtitles Automatically
Convert in 270+ Voice Over styles
Convert Audio into New Language
Use Video up-to 20min
Integrated with Google Wavenet voices
Control the volume of the original video
Support multiple speech voices
Faster Video Rendering
Based on Google Cloud A.I
Detailed Step-by-Step Training
Easy to use process – Newbie Friendly

I bought a lot of apps in the market that had in the title, revolutionary, game changer... Unfortunately most of them were none of those. Revoicely is really a revolutionary application, game changer, one of apps that must have. Is very easy to use, but doet so complex work. Another big plus for me is that it's a desktop application, I don't have to think how long some cloud app will work. So the only remorse you will have is if you don't buy this app.

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